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About Accelerating Developments

Accelerating Developments is a company that is dedicated to providing Real World Solutions for the Modern Human. We recognize that modern society has put certain stresses on the Human Potential and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to accomplish the things that make them truly happy. 

Through a combination of Online Products, Live Trainings, and the building of Social Power Groups, we are disseminating the tools and techniques that we believe will help the average person unlock their hidden potential and discover the true power of their minds, bodies, and being. If you feel like you don't have enough time in your day to actually live the life you were given then you aren't alone. Join Accelerating Developments and Take Back Your Most Precious Resource...Your Mind!
Our flagship product is the 7 Minute Habits Program but we are continually adding resources for our students and clients.
We will continue to bring you trainings and products in the following areas:
  • Mindset and Personal Power
  • Money, Wealth, and Business
  • Communication and Influence
  • Health and Happiness
  • Relationships and Passion
  • Power of Belief and Possibility




We are a group of experts whose areas of expertise include:

Lifestyle Coaches, Health and Wealth Experts, Small Business Coaches, Clinical Hypnotists, Life Hackers, Artists, Visionaries, Personal Trainers, Explorers, Rogues, Heroes, Leaders, Thought Experimenters, Dreamers, Entrepeneurs!

And Everyday Average Folks!
We Believe that the Human Being is Powerful Beyond measure but that most of our potential has been locked away due to the trappings of a modern society. While we believe in technology we also recognize what the over-reliance on technology does to our physical and cognitive functions. 

Our aim is to provide the tools to balance the Modern World with the Powerful Latent World of Human Potential. 
It's no secret that most people feel that something is just off. They can't seem to place their finger on it but it's something that exists almost everyday for most adults. Perhaps it's the fading of the feeling of youth and of dreams or perhaps its the money trap that we've all fallen into where we are trading our hours for dollars. Whatever it is...if you have ever think to yourself that there must be more to all of this then that right there is the very reason to give our products a try!
  1. Sharon Porter
    7 Minute Habits is absolutely fantastic. I never knew how stuck I really was when it came to my day. Not only was I stuck in some really unhealthy habits like eating and lack of exercise but I was stuck in the belief that I had no power to change my habits. Once you understand the process it really is amazing how quickly you can change your habits, even the big ones. This program not only helped me to overcome my weight issues but it has completely changed my mood and my outlook as to what's possible. In fact as silly as it sounds even use it to do little things around the house like doing the dishes. I used to hate doing them but now I just find myself doing them as easily as I brush my teeth at night. Truly wonderful!
  2. Steve Atkins
    I was skeptical of the 7 Minute Habit Program as I'm sure most people are of programs that claim that they can help you with lifelong bad habits. Well I made a promise to myself to try it out and I have never been more pleasantly surprised in my life. Not only did I find that I was able to quit smoking after a couple of weeks, but that it wasn't nearly as hard as some of the other things I've tried in the past. It's been 3 months now and I don't even crave a cigarette. It's fantastic. Thank You Accelerating Developments you have hit it out of the park on this one!